Great portable HF multiband antenna

Few weeks ago I made one antenna for portable based on Comet CHA-250 with broadband transformer described in Martin’s G8JNJ document. On the base of antenna is transformer made from four “TDK Ferrite core noise filters” and seven meters of 0.75mm2 isolated copper wire. This antenna is mounted on fishing rod 7m long with transformer mounted on third element (3m) and rest 4 meter of rod is used to make coil for 7 meter copper wire from transformer. So, first 3 meter is RG-58 cabel then transformer and then 4 m coil with wire antenna. Distance between turns in the coil are 20-25mm. Results are great for the purpose and sets very quickly and requires little space. It working from 80m-6m but it is the best from 40m-10m bands. Great thing with this antenna is that it don’t need antenna tuner !!! Our working condition for this video: Rig is Yaesu FT-897D with antenna tuner (tuner not used) We worked on 100W of power on vertical portable HF multi band antenna. Tom 9A5TOM Please watch second part: Portable HF multi band antenna – seting and using
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Video manual supplement to the LDG Electronics AT-100Pro automatic antenna tuner, Part 2
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