Third World Trade Center Parachutist Is Sentenced

Third World Trade Center Parachutist Is Sentenced
The three men, all veteran parachutists with experience in BASE — or Building, Antenna, Span and Earth — jumps, never disputed that they sneaked into the uncompleted tower on Sept. 30, 2013, making their way through a hole in a fence and up a …
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TiVo says it can ape Aereo legally. What might that service look like?
While the Supreme Court didn't agree with Aereo's methods—each user was assigned an individual set of antennas, which streamed from remote warehouses—TiVo now thinks it can capture the spirit of the now-defunct service. As early as this summer, the …
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Flashing yellow arrow to be added to area traffic lights
A new, flashing yellow arrow will be used for left turns where drivers must yield to oncoming traffic. The more well-known symbols including the regular green arrow, will also be used. The first traffic light to get the new signal will be at Route 146 …
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