Renesas – Microcontrollers proven to assure exceptional electromagnetic

Renesas – Microcontrollers proven to assure exceptional electromagnetic
Accordingly, white goods manufacturers are looking increasingly for MCUs that have robust protection against electro-magnetic interference (EMI). The Langer EMV burst tests confirm that the new RX110 microcontrollers are perfectly suited to such …
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In addition to the high-speed feature, this new technology has achieved higher ESD tolerance advantage of more than 8kV with Human Body Model (HBM), reducing the sources of noise of electro-magnetic interference (ESD). Although the balance between …
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10-A Gate Driver Shrinks Automotive High-Current Switching-System Size
OUTH and OUTL separated outputs allow two different external resistors to be selected for gate charging and discharging—a key factor when trying to control electromagnetic interference and CdV/dT effect in high-power motor-driver and SMPS applications.
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