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QSO365 comes to an end
Keith's aim was simple, to have a QSO on the bands every day of the year and he managed that despite a few setbacks along the way, the worst of which was a near lightning strike which destroyed all the radios and computers in his shack!
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UK amateurs experience echo phenomenon
Tony, G3ZRJ in Herefordshire and Andrew, GW3OQK in Swansea were in QSO on 1 January when they could hear another signal underneath theirs. It turned out to be an echo of their own signals. Tony said the echoes were initially so strong that he had
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Henry knighted, Hotere joins Order of NZ
Dr James Wharehuia Milroy, QSO, services to Maori language, Hamilton. Martin Colin Snedden, services to sporting administration, Wellington. Ian Lemuel Taylor, services to television and business, Dunedin. The Honourable Frances Helen Wilde, QSO, JP,

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