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New iPad Games and Apps of the Week: Blackrock Spire and More
Hearthstone players no longer need to lug their iPad around to play the game on the go. Blizzard released an iPhone version of Hearthstone on Wednesday. All you need to do is update to version 2.5.8416 of the current app, and you will be able to use …
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BER test method uses real data
Data-dependent jitter is further broken down into DCD (duty cycle distortion) and ISI (inter-symbol interference). These last two categories are dependent on the data pattern. Each form of jitter is found in a real system … Jitter injection is done …

Make Sense of Nonlinear Distortion Part 1: Viewing distortion as a modulation
Often, system specifications such as Noise Power Ratio (NPR) and Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI) cannot be flowed down to suppliers who characterize their components with simple two-tone intermodulation distortion (IMD) and 1-dB compression …
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