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DEC confirms dead raccoon had rabies
Found in the Cairo area, I first learned of the rabid raccoon from Frank Algozzine, a serious predator hunter who uses cameras to monitor predator movements paying, as he said, “particular attention to the time and frequency of their visits.” The rabid …
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Flood crisis: dredging is a simplistic response to a complex problem
It is less clear how climate change will affect the intensity and frequency of the most extreme rainfall events. Although almost all projections indicate that dry … And our historical records do not go back far enough to unravel long-term trends in …
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One Vet's Murderous Meltdown
They suffer from distress that they can't exactly explain.” It's up to Schiffman and his colleagues to identify which of these young people's angsts are early … Before his shooting spree, which killed 12 last September, Alexis left a note claiming …
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Disable old EPIRBs for safe disposal
From February 2010, analogue beacons on 121.5 MHz are not detected by satellite and only 406 MHz EPIRB signals are monitored. The older beacons can transmit on an aeronautical distress frequency. The radio beacons are a safety measure used widely …
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