A few nice Backscatter images I found:


Image by Dirkusmaximus
I love all those "OMG I TOTALY TOOK A PITCURE OF A GHOSTSSS!!!11" images. Flash backscatter, breath condensation, camera straps, stray hairs, fingers in front of the lens… well here’s a real ghost for you. BOO! 🙂

This "ghost" is taking a stroll down the College Run trail at Chippokes Plantation State Park in Surry, VA. The washed out area on his mouth was supposed to be his tongue sticking out, but I guess I pointed the flashlight too directly at the camera and it flared out. Oh well.

If you look at the background, you’ll notice the glow of headlights coming up around the hill. I’m surprised I didn’t have a ranger coming out there to ask me just what precisely the h3ll I thought I was doing. 😀

Schooling whiting

Image by Saspotato
My flash kept making too much backscatter 🙁 So I turned it off and used my torch, didn’t turn out great but to see this was awesome as there were *tonnes* of sparkling fish schooling around us
Sillaginodes punctata
Rye Pier

Wall Mural in Monterey

Image by Ed Bierman
Big mural on the side of Backscatter in Monterey.

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