IC 7200 Digital Modes

In this video, Julian Frost (N3JF) shows how to get the Icom IC-7200 up and running on the digital modes.

The IC-7200, IC-7100, IC-7410, IC-7600 and the IC-9100 only require *one* cable connecting them to the computer, a common “A” to “B”-type USB cable. You no longer need to build a complicated cable or buy an expensive interface box, just a USB cable – one that’s commonly found in most ham shacks. The USB cable carries all the audio data to and from the radio and computer, and simultaneously allows the computer to control the radio via software.

Julian covers downloading the USB Drivers from the Icom web site, and installing them. He shows where to download the free full-featured software, “FLDigi”, covering in detail how to install it and configure it for the IC-7200. Julian demonstrates how to correctly set the radio’s power and ALC levels for transmit, and the Windows sound mixer levels for receive.

Finally, Julian demonstrates the major fatures of the software, including using, modifying and creating macros. The video culminates in a live PSK-31 two-way contact.

While this video concentrates on PSK-31, the IC-7200 is fully capable of all current HF modes when combined with software like FLDigi.

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