G4 Geomagnetic Storm Worst in Many Years – HF Ham Bands DOA

If you have been on the ham bands this past week on HF, you already know that we have been hit with a massive G4 geomagnetic storm that is the worst in many years. The storm was so bad that it was causing power fluctuations and creating electric shocks for friends in Australia.

This is one reason that I have a Faraday Cage with backup electronics and radios.

For me, with a simple end fed longwire antenna, even JT-65 signals were few and far between for three days this past week.

This report is from one of my favorite astrophysicists: Dr. Tamitha Skov:

Space Weather activity has been at record levels with the Sun firing an X-class flare, more than 10 M-class flares, and launching a solar storm that caused a G4-level (NOAA’s term for a severe) geomagnetic storm at Earth over St. Patty’s day.

Aurora has been seen clear down to France and Iowa, USA, and clear up to Perth Australia. Catch up on the latest information regarding this storm, see some gorgeous aurora pictures, learn what else the Sun has in store, and how it will affect you this week.

de Robert K3RRR

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