The Cancer Factory on Wheels: Backscatter Van The Screening Mobile Module is not cool at all Backscatter Xray vans hit the streets of America…Xraying you in violation of your 4th Amendment rights. This is continuing evidence of Fascism since the False Flag of 911. Make this go viral. American Science and Engineering’s Z Backscatter Van (ZBV) is a low-cost, extremely maneuverable screening system built into a commercially available delivery van. The ZBV employs AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology, which offers photo-like images that reveal contraband that transmission X-rays miss — such as explosives (including car bombs), people and plastic weapons — and provides photo-like imaging for rapid analysis. This is Blaten rights abuse and probarbly causes you cancers aswel I dont want no goddamn van |X Raying me Who the heck thinks they need homeland Security when ther IS no Terror Threat No one down my street ever got got killed by tons of terrorrists especiay imaginary ones !! Wake the Fuck up Human Race and understand they are eroding more civil liberties dail y !!! bu selling you GRADUALISM .. !! In other word they creep in under cover of a good the scenarious that might happen if we buy into it..that allready did that with state sponsored 9/11 Never forget what 911 has done ..and it was dome to us my our own Western and Isreali Governments
Video Rating: 3 / 5 UPDATED 10/21/11: In what federal authorities describe as a “first ever” operation, a transportation security program that was first used last October on Interstate highways in Georgia has now been expanded to Tennessee scale locations where trucks and large vehicles are weighed… READ MORE AT THE LINK ABOVE. ————————————————————————————————– Feds roll out backscatter X-ray units on Georgia’s I-20 in expanded VIPR operation Cargo from more than 600 semi-truck trailers traveling Eastbound on Georgia’s I-20 was scanned last week by mobile X-ray units for explosive and radiation threats as part of an expanded federal counter-terrorism operation, Big 3 News has learned. Vermont-based privacy and computer forensics expert Frederick Lane spoke to Big 3 News on Oct. 3 in an exclusive interview about the government’s intrusion into the lives of Americans with the use of emerging technologies such as mobile backscatter X-ray units. READ MORE:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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