Ask Hackaday: Bringing Your Design to Market

Ask Hackaday: Bringing Your Design to Market
While many of us have made and documented our open source projects, not many of us have tried to sell our design to the masses. [Scott] developed, marketed, and “bootstrapped” a cool looking MIDI controller. Now, before you get your jumpers in a bunch …
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Lear Corp VP on designing wiring harnesses
Wire suppliers are constantly developing alternative materials that meet impedance requirements but also have superior mechanical strength when compared to a copper wire of similar size. This allows us to substantially downsize the wire to shed size …
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Japanese Researchers Make a Gargantuan Leap Forward in Wireless Energy
… boards and antennas will send sun oriented shut down to beneficiaries on Earth from around 22,300 miles up. Solar power is less demanding to gather in space than on Earth because of the absence of impedance from mists and the capacity of a …
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