5310-R Galaxy Single-Sideband Antenna

5310-R Galaxy Single-Sideband Antenna

  • Antenna Band = SSB | Ferrule Type = Stainless Steel | Length (Inches) = 23′ | Cable Length (Feet) = N/A | Cable Type = NONE | Color = White | Construction = Fiberglass | DB Gain (dB) = NONE
  • Rebate 0

The 5310-R is a hand-crafted antenna is a top performer for commercial vessels, yachts and larger sportfishing boats. Easily handles up to 1 kw input power. Shakespeare used all the tricks in the enginner’s book to ensure maximum range and efficiency. It’s strong, stiff, and tough – ideal for the rough-and-tumble of offshore voyaging. Designed as a 3-piece antenna form the ground up, so there’s no performance compromise. Brass and copper elements. Stainless steel ferrule with standard 1”-14 th

List Price: $ 659.95


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