Wire Antennas – 287 Different Wire Antennas To Choose From

Wire Antennas – 287 Different Wire Antennas 
To Choose From

Here are 287 different wire antennas for you to consider for your station. Bet you find at least one that you had not yet considered!

Here is one wire antenna as an example: Square Vertical Loop Antenna 40m

Wire Antennas - 287 To Choose From
Square Vertical Loop Antenna for 40m

These were exceptionally compiled by  Iulian Rosu YO3DAC / VA3IUL,  http://www.qsl.net/va3iul and can be viewed at :


If you prefer to add this as a document to your library, I’ve created a PDF of the entire file and it can be downloaded by clicking Wire Antennas – 287 of Them!