Ham Radio Deluxe – Last Free Version Available for Download Here

Ham Radio Deluxe – Last Free Version Available for Download Here

Ham Radio Deluxe - Last Free Version Available for Download Here
Ham Radio Deluxe – Last Free Version Available for Download Here

I am a huge fan of Simon Brown’s Ham Radio Deluxe. I’ve been using it for close to a decade and am still learning new things it will do.

I recently upgraded to the new, paid version which is sold for around $100.

Like most folks, I resisted paying for something that used to be free for so long. However, I have found the upgrade extremely worthwhile. While there are a lot of new bugs since the code was completely rewritten, the additional features and the support are excellent and, for me, well worth the money – and the bugs are getting fixed.

That having been said, I know that there are a lot of folks out there that still want the free version – for either a test drive or as a permanent installation – and it is getting harder to find the free version.

For that reason, I located the latest free version and am making it available here on my website for those who still would prefer Simon’s original code.

To download the installation software for the latest free version of Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24.38, just click HRD FREE.

Oops…No you can’t. At least not at this site – your mileage may vary at other sites.

It is no longer on my site due to Ham Radio Deluxe LLC requiring me to stop providing this free version to the ham community. See their letter below.

Flame On

Got the below demand letter from HRD LLC via email this afternoon – wanting me to take down the latest free version that I am sharing on my K3RRR.com site.

(Note that I have never offered for download any prior or current versions of the paid software developed by HRD LLC, etc.)

A couple of side notes: Even though I have unfixed support tickets submitted to HRD LLC from a couple of YEARS ago that it seems may NEVER get fixed, the new versions of HRD are significantly better than the free version and IMHO definitely worth the price to buy and keep buying each year.

Secondly, a LOT of hams can’t afford to currently buy the software. BUT if they get to use the free one and see how great that version is, X number of them might, just maybe, see the benefits of buying the latest version because they liked the free one so much but want the latest features and benefits.

Lastly, there might be a certain number of Y users of the free one who could afford the paid version but are happy to limp by with the free one instead of buying the paid one – thinking that they are winning by doing so.

My guess is that X is much bigger than Y.

Which means it might, just maybe, be incredibly foolish to do anything to shut down dissemination of the free version of the software since you are probably making more net sales – not losing net sales – because the free version is out there.

The K3RRR Marketing 101 class is now dismissed.

(I’m a management consultant to startup and emerging companies and I HATE seeing stupid mistakes like this – especially in light of the very recent HRD Rick Debacle that got worldwide attention.)


“Noting that you have published downloads for prior versions of our software, we hereby respectfully request that you take down this site, purge all versions of software, and refrain from distributing or making available any versions of Ham Radio Deluxe.

“We have made this change in policy for a number of reasons We trust that you will understand.


“Michael Carper, WA9PIE
Co-Owner, HRD Software, LLC”

Flame Off

Now, Mike, since all of that has been settled…what about those unfixed multiple support orders to fix bugs on the paid version that I submitted almost two years old…..????