“ZBV” – Z Backscatter Van

This tech has been around for a while, but with DHS making more grants to local police departments in the next 24 months, you need to be aware of this. Uses for this tech allow the police to see what you have. Whether they use it to peek at what you own as a ‘preview’ in preparation for requesting a warrant, assuming they go through those motions, would allow them to add additional details to the warrant… again, assuming that they do that. So many agencies today don’t even bother because the Constitution is being ignored wholesale, especially by federal agencies. Suppose the ATF uses this to scan your conveyance, your domicile, your storage shed or garage. The abuses of this agency is not merely legendary, it is infamous. Did you buy your guns privately (without papers), or through proper channels? If you did it privately so as to avoid registration (which is legal in many states), ATF may have a ‘heightened interest’ in your property. This van’s stated capabilities also include scanning for specific elements such as nitrogen and oxygen, or sulfur, or aluminum, or silver or gold. Should the government know whether you have silver/gold coin? Should the government know if you own machine tools such as a lathe? Or whether you make things using press-form technology and powdered aluminum, etc? The purpose of this technology is to identify private citizens who possess the resources, materials, and equipment that would be valuable to a resistance movement. This technology is

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