Worker hit by pallet of ham at Hatfield plant

Worker hit by pallet of ham at Hatfield plant
A worker is hospitalized after officials said a pallet of ham fell on his head at a meat processing plant in Montgomery County. Officials said the 30-year-old worker was struck around 5:44 p.m. Wednesday at the Hatfield Quality Meats plant, 2700 …
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The K7RA Solar Update
Andy Fugard, M0INF, hadn't heard anything on 10 meters before March 7-8 and using an indoor magnetic loop antenna he worked KI1G, W3LPL, 9A1P, YU1EW, N1UR, AA1K, NC1I and LZ4TX from his apartment in London. You can see the antenna hanging …
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UI student texts with space station with rooftop antennae
The sophomore astronomy student at the University of Iowa built a communication station on the seventh floor of the building there and helped assemble an approximately 20-foot rooftop antennae. The devices were used this summer to make contact with the …
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Google balloons, “cell towers in the sky,” can serve 4G to a whole state
“Because the power in a handset is smaller, you actually have to send more energy to send a data stream to a handset with a low antenna power than a… slightly more powered antenna you could have in a home,” he said. There's also a practical reason for …
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