Wearable PCB Designs Require Attention to Fundamentals

Wearable PCB Designs Require Attention to Fundamentals
Thus, the ripple effect in crosstalk is kept to a minimum and electromagnetic interference or EMI is significantly reduced. At board layout stage, the layout schedule is such that the ground plane is solid next to the power distribution layer. This …
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Electroactive Polymers Market Worth 4.4 Billion USD by 2020
The North American electroactive polymers market is expected to register a significant growth as there is uninterrupted demand from the electronics (actuators & sensors), EMI shielding, textile & fabrics, automotive, and medical sector. Accounting for …
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Electromagnetic Interference Between Smart Phones and Cardiac Devices Rare But
Early studies on EMI, run more than 10 years ago, have identified mobile phones as a source of EMI with pacemakers. Based on these pacemaker studies the CIED manufacturer and the regulatory authorities (e.g. Food and Drug Administration [FDA]) …
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