View of Cabin

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View of Cabin

Image by MattJhsn
Trip to the NorthWest Angle in 2004.

HF Test Set by NB6M (unfinished)

Image by kc7fys
The HF Test Set
As announced at OzarkCon 2007, a bunch of ham radio geeks called the Four States QRP Club (4SQRP) have developed a new kit, a multifunction HF test set, designed by Wayne McFee, NB6M. This new kit contains the following individual pieces of test equipment:

* Frequency Counter
* Crystal Oscillator
* Wideband Noise Generator
* Audio Oscillator
* 50 Ohm Dummy Load
* RF Probe
* Time Domain Reflectometer

I don’t even know what a time-domain reflectometer is, but well, thar she blows!


Image by Michael R Perry

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