Turned Off TV Sets Can Jam Signals

Turned Off TV Sets Can Jam Signals
Their third harmonics are centered at 567 and 603 MHz. That proved these spurious responses are third-order intermodulation products. So we tracked the source of the third-order distortion, which turned out to be the DTV receiver we failed to turn on.
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The rebirth of records
Vinyl requires a rather large helping of equalization (vinyl is terrible at repro'ing bass frequencies due to physics so they cut very low in level then eq'd back up at the phono preamp) and a lot of distortion. Most people who are coming to vinyl …
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AM NRSC Measurements
The potential for the generation of intermodulation products should also be considered when making NRSC measurements. The presence of another AM station in proximity, or combined into the same antenna system makes this issue a very real possibility.
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