Tuning SINGLE SIDE BAND station with Zenith Royal 7000-1 Radio

How to tune in a side-band station using on a 1970 Zenith Royal-7000-1 Solid State Trans-Oceanic Portable shortwave radio. ———————————————————————- SINGLE SIDE BAND RECEPTION Single Side Band transmission, a recent development in the communications industry, provides a more efficient use of radio frequencies. Receivers designed for reception on the standard AM bands would reproduce SSB signals as a distorted sound, however, this Trans-Oceanic can be used to receive clear and understandable SSB messages in the Following manner: * With the BANDWIDTH in the NORMAL position, turn the radio ON and tune in channel as you would any AM band station. * Tune in and adjust the TUNING CONTROL to the center of the distorted sound. (This should be the point of maximum audio output as well as maximum deflection on the TUNING METRE.) * Turn MANUAL GAIN CONTROL to ON (clockwise). * Advance the VOLUME CONTROL near maximum. * Turn BFO Control ON (clockwise) and set to the center of its rotation. * Adjust MANUAL GAIN to desired volume (instead of VOLUME knob). * While receiving SSB it is recommended that the VOLUME CONTROL be kept near maximum and that the level adjustments be made with the GAIN CONTROL (as mentioned previously). * Adjust the BFO Control for an intelligible sounding signal, then for a more natural tone. * When correctly adjusted, rotate of the BFO Control toward the center of its rotation will cause the pitch of the voice to
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