This Week in Radio Tech, TWiRT, with Randy K7AGE, from NAB 2012

While at NAB in Las Vegas April 2012 I had a chance to sit down with Kirk Harnack, host of This Week in Radio Tech on the network and have a chat. We just chatted about ham radio, Kirk’s learning PSK-31, my Youtube video background and a bit about networking. Fun time, with absolutely no pre-planning! You may watch the entire show at; Also, please watch Ham Nation with Bob Heil K9EID, Gordon West WB6NOA, and George Thomas W5GDX at:
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Demo of LD-1B software-defined radio (SDR) hardware with Winrad SDR software. This was recorded around sunset (5:55 PM) local time, 22:55 UTC on 29 December 2010. The antenna was an MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop which tunes 7 MHz – 21 MHZ. The antenna is horizontally mounted at about 25 feet above ground. The soundcard was an E-Mu 0202 sampling at 192 kHz. The demo begins on 20 meters, with the LO set to 14.0625 MHz and the receiver tuned to some PSK-31 signals around 14.07 MHz. Next, some CW signals, first using the SSB filter followed by the CW filter. The display is zoomed in to facilitate tuning with the narrow filter. Back to the SSB filter, and the LO is shifted into the 20 Meter phone band. Next, the AM filter, and WWV at 15 MHz. Next, 40 meter CW, first using the SSB filter, then demonstrating the CW filter’s capability to separate weak signals from nearby strong signals. Finally, a little shortwave broadcast listening in the “tropical band” This is outside the tuning range of the antenna, so signal levels are somewhat lower than one might expect. For more information about the LD-1B, go to To order an LD-1B, got to The fluctuations in signal level and some of the buzzing and clicking sounds that are heard intermittently are due to retuning the magnetic loop antenna when the LO frequency is shifted. Thanks for watching my videos, and be sure to visit http 73, Pete Goodmann, PE, MSEE, NI9N www

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