Smirnoff Parties With RFID

Smirnoff Parties With RFID
The solution, provided by Fish Technology, was managed by Blondefish, a London-based RFID and social-media firm that helps brands promote and organize events via the use of RFID tags and readers, as well as social links and digital media. Blondefish
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Fujitsu introduces new FRAM-based device for radio frequency ID applications
In addition to its wireless HF interface, the dual-interface MB89R112 incorporates a wired serial interface (SPI) for microcontroller connectivity. Supplying more available data on RFID tags enables efficient Examples include facilitating wireless
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Get In on the VHF Fun in the 2012 ARRL September VHF QSO Party
With many HF radios now offering at least 6 meter SSB/CW capabilities — and some offering 2 meters and 70 cm as well — any amateur with a Technician class license or higher can experience long-haul communication on the VHF bands.” Kutzko explained
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