Remote Access Your Ham Shack – Six Ways To Implement

Remote Access Your Ham Shack – Six Ways To Implement

A lot of amateur radio operators want to be able to remote control or remote access their ham radio equipment when they travel, when they go to the office or when they just go to another room in the house to actually spend quality, albeit multitask, time with their family.

I personally have been using Teamviewer for some time and it works great with my iPad for making JT 65 contacts wherever in the world that I have a Wi-Fi connection.

I’ve also been able to remote control Ham Radio Deluxe using my iPad, or my iPhone, to tune around and listen to sideband on HF or FM on VHF. (I’ve not yet tried to have a voice contact via the iPad – although this article is incentivizing me to finally make that last test that I never got around to.)

My approaches have been working well enough for me so far – but there are lots of other approaches as described in this excellent Acrobat document prepared by Mark, K6UFO, and Brian, N9ADG.

Remote access – six ways to implement

Just click the above photo and it will take you to the Acrobat file for immediate viewing.

I personally plan on trying when I have time to get around to it.

Regardless of what I’m using, I’m betting that you will find an idea in their slideshow that will work for you to remote access your shack.




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