QSL Card. 7J1AWL.

Check out these QSL images:

QSL Card. 7J1AWL.
Image by kc7fys
I have hundreds of these, and sadly, never got around to using them except on the occasional, um, occasion that I use it as a calling card or something. Japanese hams are notorious, according to K7AGE in his YouTube talk-up about QSLing, for QSLing fastidiously. Talk about rainy day projects…

This is a QSL card–for my non-radio-geek friends. They are sent out after a radio or personal contact to confirm that contact in writing. And to prove the contact was made for contesting purposes. This ‘orange tigi’ is taken from the Peace Corps compound in Bamako, Mali in December of 1995. This young lady was selling oranges–which, despite their name, were quite green.

Image by byzantiumbooks
Reception Report Acknowledged, July 24, 1964

QST March 1959 QSL Cards
Image by Whiskeygonebad
QST March 1959 – Volunteer QSL card Sorter:
Imagine doing this without using a computer
database! I love the ghost font! Scanned by me.

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