PX3 Programmable Headset for Sony PS3

PX3 Programmable Headset for Sony PS3

PX3 Programmable Headset for Sony PS3

  • Featuring a lightweight, circumaural ear cup design with massive 50mm speakers, the PX3 delivers exceptional audio quality and maximum comfort.
  • While designed primarily for the PS3, the PX3 also works great as an XBOX and PC gaming headset.
  • When used in PS3 and XBOX modes, the PX3’s unique digital signal processor provides game and chat audio presets that tune the headset sound for different gaming situations.
  • There’s also a rechargeable battery that provides more than 10 hours of game play between charges.
  • Presets can also be replaced with different ones downloaded from the Turtle Beach website.

The Ear Force PX3 headset lets you dominate your competition with digital signal processing, wireless game sound, crystal-clear communication and the convenience of a rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged while gaming, so you’ll never miss out on the action. Includes the PX3 Headset, PX3 Transmitter, Headset Charging Cable, Transmitter USB Cable, RCA Splitter Cable, Xbox 360 Talkback Cable, Reference Card, and User Guide.

List Price: $ 178.94


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