Propagation Forecast Bulletin #4 de K7RA:

Propagation Forecast Bulletin #4 de K7RA:
"The Bruce Array at the entrance to the Green Bank site is a rebuild of the antenna used by physicist Karl Jansky who in the 1930s studied radio noise for the Bell System's HF radio circuits. "Jansky eliminated all noise sources except one which …

Cross Country Wireless release HF Active Antenna
The HF Active Antenna was developed during work on the Sentinel HF SDR noise measuring system. The antenna is a balanced small dipole type with an overall length of 1.4m. The frequency range is 100 kHz to 50 MHz. The antenna uses ethernet cable to …
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Checking Putin
"Putin is a paranoid, aging dictator who believes he is Russia," says chess-champion-turned-human-rights-activist Garry Kasparov. "Russia today is not like the old Soviet Union or modern China. It is not an ideological dictatorship with the Politburo …
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