Portable HF Amateur Radio QRP (Spilsbury Tindall SBX-11, Yaesu FT817, Buddipole batteries)

Portable HF ham radio in Whistler, Canada using a Spilsbury Tindall SBX-11 and a Yaesu FT-817. Powered by Buddipole LiFePO4 batteries. Location: Whistler, BC, Canada. January 2014

This is a fine little CW rig. It did a great job for me in “sweeping” the SKCC 1st Anniversary event (incl KL7 & KH6), running 20 watts to a 100′ wire antenna. However, I think I’m going to sell it (and other stuff) to finance a K3. Oh well, I will have this video to remember it by…
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