Pixie Progress

A few nice Amateur Radio images I found:

Pixie Progress

Image by michaelstyne
My trip to Trojan Electronics was mostly a success. I managed to get:

82pf / 820pf capacitors
1.5KΩ resistors
22μH / 1.0μH ‘molded inductors’ (apparently, more commonly known as chokes)

The 1.0μH choke is really supposed to be 1.2μH. I’m not sure if this will cause a problem — I see some parts lists that say 1.0μH is A-OK.

The only thing missing now is the XTAL — and a thing to mount all these parts on. I’m more and more considering rolling my own PCB. If I’m going to go in, I might as well go head first, right?


Image by Abraxas3d

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