NO-RAD-ZONE com – BACKSCATTER VANS – Joseph Reiss VP Marketing American Science & Engineering

(NO-RAD-ZONE) Joseph Reiss VP Marketing American Science and Engineering describes the newest technology. Backscatter technology can be applied anywhere and is being sold to the government as well as to the public. There is no regulation and no way of regulating how long they scan individuals. Radiation is dangerous. Radiation causes cancer. This can be a weapon and is definitely a violation of civil rights. It has no medical use and is too dangerous. Backscatter vans can pull up outside any home or building and monitor what is going on inside. They may witness anything they like for hours if not longer. Individuals are submitted radiation without any knowledge. If a family unit is present children are subjected as well, unbeknownst to anyone. No amount of radiation is safe. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to DNA damage from radiation. If you had the money you could fry someone without them knowing it. 1/2 hour of backscatter/x-ray surveillance would cause cancer. AS & E specs show ratings for a 5 rem flash saying it’s relatively harmless. There is no information or specs on surveillance type radiation readings. Unpaid scientists disagree with the use of such products.

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