Nice QSL photos

Some cool QSL images:

1967 – Dad’s room – (b&w)
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Never knew my dad was into the whole QSL cards thing. I had only recently heard of those on Reverend V’s blog.

Another pic from this set that is barely distinguishable from this one — a cord is dangling slightly differently — appeared in Popular Electronics magazine.
From left – RCA Stereo Cartridge Tape Recorder, Symphonic Stereo Phonograph (Garrard 1000), Audio Color box, FM Police/Fire Radio, Hallicrafters S-118 Shortwave radio, Comstat-25 CB Radio, Lafayette HA-230 SW Radio, RCA AM-FM radio, VM speaker, 30-watt Airline amplifier w/12" Jensen speaker. Vic’s call-sign was WPE4HTV (monitoring only). Alexandria VA

On The Air sign, QSL cards, desk, ham radio, hardware, microphone, window.
black and white. from Dad.

Dad’s room, Grandparents’ house, Alexandria, Virginia.


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Sample N5PRE QSL
Image by The Rocketeer
I never had a QSL manager before. I saw a screen shot for in CQ magazine on page 82 of the March 2009 issue and thought I’d check it out. I liked what I saw so I upgraded to Bronze status and was able to create my own design.

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Image by dmott9

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