Nice Amateur Radio photos

Check out these Amateur Radio images:


Image by Nothlit


Image by brettneilson
Thats right /AG…

To all of you non hams out there, that means that I have now successfully passed the FCC Element 3 Amateur Radio exam, thus making me a General Class license holder. The /AG is the way I have to identify when using my new privileges until the FCC receives and processes all of my paperwork.

Recently the FCC changed the licensing requirements for Amateur Radio eliminating all morse code requirements. I had already passed my Element 1 exam many years ago which covered a 5wpm morse code exam. However with the new change the code test (element 1) is no longer required. This has caused a renewed interest in Amateur Radio and has removed a barrier that was preventing many people from upgrading in the past. For me, it just kind of worked out as I already had the Element 1 exam behind me… But at any rate here is to being a General now…..


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