NextGen ATC Communications to Become VOIP Powered

NextGen ATC Communications to Become VOIP Powered
… voice switching technologies at different ATC environments, including the Small Digital Voice Switch (SDVS) at the smallest towers in the NAS, and the Rapid Deployment Voice Switch (RDVS) that is used in Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON …
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Automating the Preparation of Syringes and IV Bags
Due to the importance of safety for the RIVA system, designers also included an NE1A-SCUP01 programmable safety controller from Omron (Omron Global, with its three DST1 series distributed safety terminal nodes. With fast moving …
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Nintendo announce new console, the Nintendo NX
The Fusion Terminal, as the home console component, came with specs that were much closer to those seen on the PS4 or Xbox One, with a powerful 8-core processor, an equally capable graphics card, and tonnes of RAM. … sounds like the love-child of the …
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