N-Male to RP-SMA Plug 400 Series Assembly 50 ft

N-Male to RP-SMA Plug 400 Series Assembly 50 ft

  • LMR400/LMR-400 is a Registered Trademark of Times Microwave USA
  • Antenna cable – Connects Access Points, Routers and Radio transmitters to Antenna
  • Impedance 50 Ohms Frequency Range DC ~ 11 GHz
  • Outdoor or indoor applications and the outer jacket resists ultraviolet light and oxidation
  • Ultra low loss characteristics ensure the maximum performance of your external antenna installation

High quality fully tested N-Male to Reverse Polarity SMA Plug cable assemblies featuring high performance 400-Series coax cable. These lightweight cables have excellent low loss characteristics. Not exactly what you are looking for? Build your own cable assembly with our Custom Product Configurator. Not sure what connector your radio has. Use our Radio to Connector-Type Cross-Reference.

List Price: $ 49.99


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