Motorola Minitor WX SKYWARN Weather alert pager EAS NOAA NWS

I’m a Skywarn spotter, Retired Firefighter, and radio nut, I programmed these VHF converted Fire Department & 160mhz pagers to do weather alerting. Unlike the SAME, but similar. You will get ALL Alerts that the NWS/NOAA puts out. They are all Computer programmed & can accept 2 Freqs opposed to others which only do 1, without monitor. I add monitoring in so the squelch does not need pressed to hear the alert like the old ones. I do the Free minitor programming, low cost alert systems, and alike. Certain things should simply be free. I’ve been screwed by radio shops before, which is why I do this cheaply it’s not right people profit from simple things like programming pagers.
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