MFJ-929 Auto tuner, 200W

MFJ-929 Auto tuner, 200W

MFJ-929 Auto tuner, 200W

  • Handles 200 watts SSB/CW
  • 1.8 to 30 MHz Frequency Coverage, Great For HF Amateur and CB Radios!
  • SO-239 coax IN/Out Antenna Connectors, Built-in Antenna Switch for 2 Antennas!
  • Ultra Fast, Automatically matches antennas from 6 to 1,600 ohms impedance (SWR up to 32:1)
  • Has Digital SWR/Wattmeter with Backlit LCD, and a Built-in 50 MHz frequency counter !

MFJ 929 compact IntelliTunerTM automatic antenna tuners let you rapidly tune any antenna, whether it’s unbalanced or single-wire. It is a comprehensive, automatic antenna-tuning centers with an SWR/wattmeter and antenna switch for two antennas.

List Price: $ 229.95


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