Presents: Maxwell’s Equations

Maxwell’s Equations are intuitively explained in this tutorial video. We give an overview of each of Maxwell’s Equations, what they mean, and discuss some of the consequences of these equations, such as the wave equation. For more information, see

Here’s your video introduction to ARRL General Class License Manual Lesson 5.1, Signal Review. The section is primarily review, but let’s spend a few minutes walking through the vocabulary so the concepts are firmly in mind before proceeding to the subsequent sections. This video covers continuous wave (with a brief excursion back to the spark era), carriers, modulation, modes, AM, and Single Side Band. Included is an actual on-the-air demo with a spectrum scope to look at an AM signal showing the carrier and both sidebands, and how each sideband contains all the information. A demonstration follows with just single sideband modulation. The video concludes with an introduction to angle modulation modes such as FM and phase modulation. You can see more about these videos by going to, where you will find a complete list of the videos that accompany the ARRL General Class License Manual for Ham Radio.

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