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Welcome to the fast-moving world of flash connectors
Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI): When SATA first emerged we all had to scramble around to find drivers for each implementation from the various vendors. Initially, parallel ATA emulation mode was used as a horrible kludge to get around this …
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InventDesign sets DJ Hardwell up with stage LED lighting and controls for tour
The controller is ideal for this sort of installation, not only because of the high capacity, but also because of its small size and weight. The controller weighs only 130 grams and if you need to ship … C-4 controller allows a direct translation of …
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The Cruise Industry's March to China: What's In It for Lines and Agents?
Shanghai has good cruise infrastructure and several cruise terminals now home porting ships. Hong Kong too has multiple terminals, including the new Kai Tak terminal. But the lines, for the most part, have centered their focus on Shanghai. Buckelew is …
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