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Inshore fishing gear restricions may benefit Scotland
A report on the potential impact of new management measures including mobile fishing gear restrictions in inshore fisheries suggests that they could be beneficial to Scotland. The research has developed a model to assess the possible impacts of a ban …
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Icom North America Launches New Icom Technology and Training Center
Icom North America LLC has launched its new Icom Technology and Training Center, dedicated to development, integration, upfitting and training for its bi-fuel and mono-fuel liquid propane autogas injection systems. The Icom Technology and Training …
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Metro Link by Winnebago Industries Includes Alternative Fuel Option in
ICOM North America has partnered with Winnebago Industries and their Official Distributor, "Metro Worldwide," for installation and distribution of ICOM Bi-Fuel and Mono-fuel Liquid Propane Injection System for installation in the Winnebago Metro Link …
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