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ARRL Board Approves HF Band Plan, National Parks Event, Award Winners:
Randy Thompson, K5ZD, was named the winner of the 2014 Philip J. McGan Silver Antenna Award for outstanding volunteer public relations success over many years — and especially for achieving national media coverage of the 2014 World Radiosport …

ARRL: Amateur Radio Parity Act Would Not Void 'Private Contracts,'
The obligation a homeowners association would have under the bill is not to prohibit but to make reasonable accommodation for some sort of effective outdoor Amateur Radio antenna, imposing the least practicable restriction to accomplish the association …

Building your own SDR-based Passive Radar on a Shoestring
Below is an animation of a measurement of airplanes and meteors I made using a radar system that I built with a few simple easily available pieces of hardware: two $ 8 RTL software defined radio dongles that I bought on eBay, and two log-periodic antennas.
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