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Call of the dial
trained professional dispatch operators. "We have our own little space here, but we think it provides a valuable service," Montgomery said. Emergency services officials agreed and added amateur radio antennas to the county major 9-1-1 service tower.
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Feast of films out today
It is the day we are recovering from consuming far too much ham, turkey, pudding and lollies. So as a remedy to overindulging at the family feast, I always make an effort to see something released on Boxing Day. Last year we had a great deal to pick
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AR Newsline Report 1793 — Dec 22 2011:
We will have more ham radio space related news later on in this weeks Amateur Radio Newsline report. (ANS) For years, broadcast engineers generally have said there's no proof that towers kill migratory birds, noting that they haven't seen piles of dead

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