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100 reasons why it's great up north: Read the 2004 edition and then suggest
8) Stepping out in Newcastle's Grey Street – John Dobson's masterpiece was voted the best street in Britain by the Commission for the Built Environment, and Radio Four listeners. 9) Building for the future – a £21m Biofuels plant at Seal Sands … 37 …
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Parish pump Hailsham – May 9, 2014
Currently 11 local producers have their goods in the emporium and Geoff and Jackie Knights are continuing to develop the range and are happy to hear from anyone in the neighbourhood who may wish to use the shop as an outlet or point of contact. At this …
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No one cares about the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls
And America needs to figure out how to stop losing so much good media, and replacing it with tabloids and outlets, some of which, try even less to get to the truth. To paraphrase Mitt Romney, and Soylent Green, the media are people. They have bills to …
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