Latest Electro-Magnetic Interference News

Army deploys 'flying command post' for paratroopers
Given how the workstations would be used, each communications and transit case had to meet strict standards, such as a four-man weight lift limit, elimination of electromagnetic interference with other command and control airplane systems, and the …
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Detecting tiny metallic contaminants with magnetisation
Researchers in Japan have been working to improve the detection of metallic contaminants in food. Existing inspection methods have limitations; the X-ray radiation method cannot detect contaminants with sizes smaller than 1 mm and it cannot be applied …
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Army's Electronic Warfare Cupboard Is Bare: No Jammer Until 2023
“EWPMT is what allows them to see the battlefield in the electromagnetic environment,” Church said, “so you'll be able to tell your commander, 'this is where we have interference. This is where we are. This is where the enemy is. I don't know what that …
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