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Dr Le Fanu's online health clinic, Friday 5th December 2014
What else can I do? I do dread being given strong medicine unnecessarily. Half our older friends do seem really to suffer from this, and alter from becoming happy, normal people to being in such distress that they discontinue their medicine themselves …

Stuff of nightmares: Waking up during surgery
Numbers calculated in different studies in the United States found a greater frequency of one in 1,000 patients. In the new study, the patients self-reported which could askew the numbers. Anesthetic awareness tended to … Jaideep Pandit, a consultant …

The Right Way to Bum a Smoke Off a Stranger
Cigarette bumming by complete strangers is reportedly at an all-time high, plus it achieves peak frequency during the holidays with increased imbibing at parties and get-togethers. A note to bummers: Just because you're a terrible, fraudulent mooch …
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Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin Through BitPay
microsoft online Microsoft, the famous multinational corporation that powers much of the world's computing infrastructure with its Windows OS, now accepts Bitcoin online for its digital products. Microsoft users, in America only for now, can even fund …
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