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Why You Should Know the Different Types of Credit Card APRs
While APRs may sound confusing and complex on the surface, once you know how to find your card's APR and you know which APR applies to you it is relatively simple. The problem for many cardholders, however, is that they don't grasp the concept of APR …
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Online Loan Broker Fundera Discloses Data on APRs
Online Loan Broker Fundera Discloses Data on APRs. by Kevin Wack. NOV 23, 2015 9:00am ET. The online loan broker Fundera has published information about the interest rates paid by customers of its website, the latest development in a debate about …
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Ray Davies and Mike Oldfield honoured at APRS annual bash
Ray Davies and Mike Oldfield were among the recording industry veterans to be honoured by the APRS at its Annual Sound Fellowships Lunch in west London, yesterday. Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant was the surprise guest at the celebration at the …
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