G3ZPR erecting a Comet hf vertical antenna

Thanks Dave & Viv for your kind help in supplying and putting up this aerial for me!

First off I’m sorry for the poor quality. It will get better very soon. Showing a very portable end fed dipole HF antenna setup with a 20 gauge trifilar wound 9:1 unun transformer I made and currently sell on eBay. My username is “nelson_antennas”.This antenna matchbox will work 160-m trough 6m with a single wire antenna. 160 and 6 meter will depend on your tuners capabilities but tunes up and works well with my LDG-YT 100 and 897D . Antenna can be ran as a sloper/vertical or inverted L. Counterpoise wires are not necessary but can help on some bands but that’s the fun part of HAM radio….Experimenting! Enjoy
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