Freescale Gets All Steampunk with Kinetis E

Freescale Gets All Steampunk with Kinetis E
These machines – and they often are machines – generate a lot of electromagnetic interference (EMI) that wreaks havoc with the delicate little wires and small signal swings to which we've become accustomed. One mighty whack! of an air conditioner's …
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Video monitoring system: Rugged, HD resolution IP dome camera from Moxa
With this superior EMI/surge protection, VPort P26A-1MP-T is the camera of choice to work in high electromagnetic interference and power surge environments, and includes a 5 year warranty. BANDWIDTH PRESERVATION. Because preserving network …
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Supreme Court's Judgment on Koodankulam Worrying Omissions
Such phenomena belong to a broad class of problems known as Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). …It is most likely that the KKNPP cable system, as completed today, has not conformed to the norms and standards of cable selection, EMI shielding, …
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ESI Launches CEM Solutions 2013 for Safe Electromagnetic Design of Products
Its simulation capabilities range from Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) of electronic systems or products. PAM-CEM offers unique coupling …

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