For Sale: NOOELEC RTL-SDR with NOOELEC Ham It Up V1.3 – Includes Metal Enclosure And SDR Connector Cable For SDR.

NOOELEC RTL-SDR with NOOELEC Ham It Up V1.3 – Includes Metal Enclosure And SDR Connector Cable For SDR.


$120 new / Only $59 with Free USA Continental Shipping. Excellent Condition With Zero Known Problems. Great way to get started with SDRs or use it for a pan adapter for your HF rig.

Covers 100 kHz to 1,750 mHz. Plug into your computer, add the free software and connect the antenna and you are good to go.NOOELEC RTL-SDR with NOOELEC Ham It Up V1.3




Listen to ALL HF, down to 100 kHz and below, with nearly any software defined radio!

Open-hardware design! Full documentation available:

Proudly made in the USA and Canada with high-quality components!

Antenna protection on the RF input, in-circuit in both enable and passthrough mode.

Standard features:

Female SMA for both input and output for a wide array of connectivity options
In-line SMA connectors. Much easier to connect and manipulate than side-by-side SMA connectors
Antenna protection on RF input–in-circuit in both enable and passthrough mode–to protect your Ham It Up & SDR from stray ESD
All critical components sourced exclusively from North American parts distributors
Only ultra-low-noise components used in the signal path
Ultra-high-Q, low ESR inductors and capacitors used for all filters
Powered by a sturdy & common USB-B USB socket for a multitude of power input options
RF-suitable power supply regulation (LP5907)
PTC fuse on USB power input to protect your Ham It Up upconverter from short circuits
Upconverter enable/passthrough toggle switch–less fiddling with small, delicate cables and connectors
125MHz oscillator for improved sensitivity (away from high-traffic RF zones, like broadcast FM)
Stable <25ppm oscillator included
LO disabled in passthrough mode
A maximum input level of +1dBm with LO at +7dBm
High-quality 2-layer PCB with ENIG finish
Small, light-weight PCB (just 3.8″ x 1.9″)
Designed to fit standard off-the-shelf Hammond enclosures
7 mounting holes for standard PC screws
Designed and manufactured in conjunction with Opendous Inc., an excellent open-hardware design company
Full project documentation–schematics, PCB design files, assembly information–is freely available.

Ham/amateur radio enthusiasts, rejoice! Our MF/HF converter for software defined radio will allow you to listen to MF and HF through your existing software defined radio (SDR). If you do not currently have an SDR we have plenty of low-cost solutions available in our store. Proudly designed, fabricated and assembled in the USA and Canada!

Brand new & improved v1.3 version of our popular upconverter is now available for immediate shipment!

Improvements include increased sensitivity, ultra-low voltage noise floor, optional battery-powered operation, side-mounted LED indicators, fully-assembled broadband RF noise-source circuit, u.fl socket for optional external clock injection, surface-mount high-accuracy oscillator and much, much more!

These improvements are in addition to the standard features of the Ham It Up line, including female SMA input and output jacks, ESD protection on the input to product your Ham It Up and SDR, ultra-high-Q & low ESR components used for all filters, PTC protection fuse on power input, enable/disable passthrough toggle switch, and open-hardware design with full published circuitry and specifications.

FREE BONUS: We had space left on the PCB, so rather than waste it we have added a noise source circuit at no additional cost. We have even populated most of the components for you. We have the SMA connector required to complete this bonus noise source circuit available for a small additional fee. Details of the noise source circuit are available with the project documentation.

Full operating instructions, specifications and features list are available on our website,


NooElec NESDR Mini USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver, RTL2832U & R820T Tuner, MCX

The perfect device for learning software defined radio, on the cheap. Amateur radio, ADS-B, police & fire scanning, trunking, satellite images–you name it, this little guy can probably do it. Outperforms many devices 10x its cost!


This custom NooElec SDR is a modified DVB-T USB dongle tuned for SDR usage, including upgraded crystal, capacitors and inductors compared to generic devices like those sold by competitors. This results in a lowered noise floor, increased stability and improved longevity.

These units are based on the R820T tuner IC made by Rafael Micro. As such, they have a frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1750MHz, though this can vary somewhat from unit to unit. There is also an RTL2832U IC on board of course, which acts as the demodulator and USB interface.

The connector type on the antenna and USB board is MCX–male MCX on the antenna, female MCX on the SDR. There are plenty of adapter and adapter cables available in our store if you want to connect your favorite antenna!

We perform extensive QA on every batch sold. As with all our SDRs, we guarantee antenna protection will be present so that your new investment will not be quickly destroyed by spurious ESD.


Full compatibility with a large array of software packages, such as MATLAB®, HDSDR, SDR Touch, SDR#, Planeplotter–too many to list.

MathWorks® and NooElec™ have coordinated to bring MATLAB® support for our SDR receivers. The RTL-SDR radio support package enables you to design wireless receivers using real world signals. Using Communications System Toolbox™ in conjunction with an RTL-SDR USB radio, you can design and prototype systems that process real-time wireless signals in MATLAB® and Simulink®

Wireless engineers, students, and hobbyists can learn to receive and decode real-world radio signals using this low cost RTL-SDR hardware connected to your computer.


Want HF too? You can modify the dongle for HF reception, but it will lead to sub-par results and will also void your 1-year warranty. If you would like to do this please contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it. However, we strongly recommend you take a look at the Ham It Up available in our store, which will let you listen all the way down to 100kHz or lower with impeccable sensitivity.


Ham It Up Upconverter Accessory – SDR Connector Cable For MCX-Style SDRs (NESDR Mini, NESDR Micro & TV28T v1 & TV28T v2). Male MCX to Male SMA pigtail

Very high-quality male MCX to male SMA RG174 pigtail cable. Low-loss RG174 + short cable length means there is no need to worry about potential attenuation. Matched 50 ohm connectors. Great for attaching MCX- style SDRs such as NESDR Mini, NESDR Micro & TV28T (v1 & v2) to our Ham It Up RF upconverter.
Product Features

NooElec brand custom cable
Matched 50 ohm connectors
Gold-plated male MCX connector & male SMA connector
High-quality RG174 interconnect cable


Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Kit, Silver, for Ham It Up v1.3 RF Upconverter for NESDR and RTL-SDR radios

These high-quality aluminum enclosures (or aluminium, if you’re weird like that) are custom-made for all current production versions of the Ham It Up upconverter. A better option than unshielded cases, most certainly, and fairly priced as well.

The enclosures include the appropriate standoffs and screws to mount the upconverter. The color-matched side panels are included as well. Two color options are available – metallic blue with laser-etched labeling, and silver with color silkscreen labeling.

NOTE: ONLY compatible with Ham It Up v1.3 and higher.

– High-quality custom aluminum enclosure for Ham It Up v1.3
– Metal case helps to protect PCB from stray EMI, improving sensitivity.
– Includes all required hardware to mount your PCB!
– Ample room inside the case to make modifications and even include a dongle inside the case if you are so inclined.
– Ham It Up upconverter sold separately.
– Note: Switch position on this particular case is backwards for upconvert / passthrough. Switch to IF if you want to use the Ham It Up upconverter and switch it to upconvert if you want to bypass the upconverter.