Electro Magnetic Interference EMI10 Part-7
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DISCOUNT LINK www.amazon.co.uk Product Description PGV11003 Profigold Oxypure The Profigold range of HDMI cables are exceptional quality and this 3 metre HDMI-A to DVI-D cable is no exception. The Oxypure series from Profigold has 99.9997% Single Crystal Copper which allows for an unsurpassed level of clarity of signal transfer and the 24k Gold Plated copper terminals ensure optimum transition without loss or degradation of quality.There are several key features with a Profigold Interconnect:OCC – 99.9997% Pure Single Crystal Copper ensures the lowest possible signal loss for superior analogue and digital video signals in the original recordingInterference Absorption Technology – The Unique IAT eliminates all possible Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), for noise free, unmatched ultra clean picture performance.Silver Twist Lock Connection – The Twist Lock Connector technology, and the patented Metal Alloy Plug will perfectly embrace and lock on the sockets of your equipment, avoiding accidental disconnection and delivering purest picture quality.Nylon Braiding – Flexible Nylon braided PVC jackets offer maximum cable protection, lifetime reliability and easy installation.

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