Directional Indoor UHF/VHF HDTVi Antenna

If you think youre going to get true 1080i local HDTV broadcasts from satellite or cable think again. Its not possible to get most of the high definition programming available today with just cable or satellite alone. Enjoy the magic of HDTV at its best with Terks HDTVi directional indoor antenna. This superbly engineered antenna features UHF and VHF elements that allow you to receive all available broadcast channels (2-69). And the Terk HDTVi antennas highly directional UHF elements reduces signal interference. Youve invested your hard-earned money to purchase an HDTV. It makes sense to optimize your reception with a high-quality indoor antenna. A great addition to your satellite or cable service. The Terk HDTVi directional indoor UHF/VHF HDTV antenna — a small investment with a big payoff!
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