Design of a GNSS Acquisition-Aiding Signal

Design of a GNSS Acquisition-Aiding Signal
Subsequently, we assessed the performance of the solutions that are acceptable from an RFC perspective with respect to several figures of merit, in particular the following: correlation properties, resistance against distortions due to the multipath …
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Commentary: Adjust Rules for NRSC Measurements
Normally I offer tech tips but this time I want to express a personal opinion on a topic important to me. If it is a goal of the Federal Communications Commission to reduce regulatory and financial burden on AM broadcasters, then here is one way to …
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FREE-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS: Short-range white-light LED datacom
Applying QBD in the OFDM coding allows the measurements of receiver photocurrent as a function of time to be analyzed in a way that enables the removal of second-order intermodulation distortion and DC offset. An additional benefit is a 3 dB …
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